August 2, 2013

Top 5 Industries that use Consumer Lists and Why

Consumerlists allow companies to advertise their products and services directly to a desired audience by way of direct mail, email, and telemarketing. Gone are the days of paging through the white pages and crossing your fingers that the number you are about to dial will possibly fit the demographic you are looking for.  Not only is this the hard way to do things, it’s not exactly legal anymore thanks to the FTC’s heavily regulated DoNotCallRegistry’. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 5 industries that use Consumer lists and why they are essential to building a solid customer base.


A retail company is any business that sells goods or merchandise directly to consumers from a specific location, whether it is a kiosk in a shopping mall or your favorite coffee shop. Whether a retailer is publicly or privately owned, they must use a consumer mailing list in order to perform a residential direct mail campaign. Publicly-owned retailers with hundreds of locations usually rely on an advertising firm to handle much of their marketing; which may include direct mail campaigns, magazine advertisements, television commercials, and other ‘big-budget’ forms of advertising.  Among all of these options, direct mail is still one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing.

Real Estate

Real estate agents and managers rely on consumer lists to mail out letters and postcard advertisements regarding their real estate listings along with their general real estate services. Regular mailings to consumers are necessary in the real estate market mainly due to heavy competition. Many seasoned agents have learned they will save money by going after their target demographic market vs. using a non-targeted list. A consumer mailing list can be targeted by homeowner status, income; along with mortgage demographics such as LTV, interest rate, loan amount, length of residence, median home value and many other valuable selections.


Whether an insurance agency specializes in selling life insurance or automotive insurance, consumer lists are almost always necessary to generate sales. For instance, if an insurance agent is advertising Medicare, they need to reach prospects that are turning 65 and fit within a certain level of annual household income. This creates a need for a consumer lists with very specific and time-sensitive demographics. is able to provide these essential “Turning 65” lists to insurance companies based on individual birth date. The unsurpassed accuracy of this data allows insurance companies to achieve the highest success rates possible.

Home Improvement

The Home Improvement industry relies on consumer lists to keep their calendar full with projects all year long. A home improvement company can request consumer lists from within very specific geographic locations and household demographics. This allows the companies to obtain a consumer mailing list or telemarketing list of prospects that are most qualified for their home improvement offer. makes the marketing process as easy as possible for Home Improvement companies. They have even generated a ‘Home Improvement’ data model that can be accessed via the online data portal. With just a few clicks of a mouse, home improvement companies can access a highly targeted telemarketing and consumer mailing list in minutes. This creates less work and increased potential for profits!


Without consumer lists, many homes would go unsold and potential homeowners would have a difficult time finding the financial assistance needed from a qualified mortgage broker. This is why mortgage companies across the country have utilized consumer lists to target potential borrowers throughout the years.

Because the mortgage industry is so program-specific, it is absolutely necessary to know who the target borrower is prior to executing a direct mail or telemarketing campaign. A saturation consumer mailing list is not the recommended way to go when it comes to a Mortgage direct mail campaign. This is why offers numerous Mortgage demographics, allowing brokers to customize their target market simply and effectively.

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