January 28, 2013

Understanding Groups In Telemarketing Leads Lists

One way to accelerate the success of a telemarketing leads list is to dig deeper in identifying key characteristics of those on the list. Certain contacts may be equally as valuable, but for entirely different reasons. On one and, it's important not to over-think or over analyze one's lists. Nonetheless, here are three subgroups that may allow one to prospect with greater specificity:

Buyers With Influence
These are the leads that often get all of the attention. And, to an extent, for good reason, because they have the authority to make the purchasing decisions. However, as 'the big fish in the sea,' they often get all the attention from your competitors as well. As a consequence, they offer a more direct, but at times more challenging, path to sales.

Non-Buyers With Influence
These are the people within an organization that wield influence. In fact, they often exert more influence than initially meets the eye. A little extra effort to tailor communications to address the mindset of these important individuals may yield more profound results in the long term. It's a more sophisticated approach to patiently cultivate such contacts. They may not generate results overnight, but they may have the ear of buyers for the long-term.

Connected Referrers
These are individuals who may turn out to have little present need for the product or service offered, but they may be enthusiastic supporters of your efforts. They believe in what is being offered, and they may be those with respected opinions that can be real advocates for you. 'Connected referrers' don't directly purchase from you, but they may eventually get you one, or two, or many more, new customers.

Being analytical enough to categorize prospects can well be worth the effort. Communication can be customized and therefore, made more effective.

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