June 25, 2015

Video Marketing to Prospects: Auto


“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” – Peter Drucker

Automotive dealers have long relied on the emotionally engaging, brand-building capabilities of television commercials to drive consumer interest. However, many dealers are beginning to realize that through targeted pre-roll advertising, they can achieve a substantially higher ROI at a much lower cost.

The Future of Advertising: Targeted Pre-Roll Advertising

Pre-roll advertising marries the sight, sound, and motion of television with the addressability and accountability of digital media.

According to an article on Wired.com, TV viewing over the internet grew by 388 percent in mid-2014 compared to the same time in 2013. As the cable television market continues to decline, it’s no surprise that targeted pre-rollpreroll-blog-auto-2-150x150 advertising has hit a sweet spot among auto dealers.

Targeted pre-roll advertising allows automotive dealers to display their video advertisements to individuals that meet specific demographic and geographic criteria. From concept to fulfillment, Display GIANT can ensure that as a dealership, targeted pre-roll advertising will help drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads.



A Volkswagen Dealer in Toms River used video pre-roll to target local car buyers near their location on the Jersey Shore. They used short 15-30 second, non-skippable video ads targeting only local Toms River auto buyers over the age of 18. The video ads were viewed by nearby residents visiting both local and national highly trafficked websites focused on sports, news, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, technology, and shopping. These short video ads played before the viewer watched a news video, sports video, or whatever video they were intending to watch on a particular website.


The full advertisement was seen 82% of the time producing a 15x greater efficiency than standard PPC.

car and keys being handed over


The video campaign drove a 29% increase in site visits and a 36% increase in unique visits to the site.

The VW Dealer’s ad played 131,601 times over a 7 day period. A total of 1,139 viewers clicked on the video ad, which then directed them to the dealer’s website. The cost per click was equal to the average of PPC for this target market and demographic, but with some additional benefits. First, unlike traditional static black and white text ads in PPC (that don’t get seen unless the consumer clicks on the ad), targeted pre-roll video ads play automatically when the consumer visits the page. Second, the full video ad was seen 82 percent of the time, separate from the direct video clicks, which equals 107,912 full video plays. This is 15 times greater than standard PPC, where a static black and white text ad is only seen five percent of the time. Compared to a TV ad, this video campaign drove a 29 percent increase in site visits and a 36 percent increase in unique visits to the site.

Talk with a Pre-Roll Expert at Display GIANT

Most video campaigns start with a wing and a prayer. Rather than knowing who you are marketing to, you can only hope your ad will reach the right audience. Display Giant offers state-of-the-art, real-time analytics. Want to know what area is getting the most views? How many people are clicking through to your website? We can provide this information, and so much more. Contact a media placement expert at Display GIANT to learn more about how pre-roll can benefit your auto dealership 800-547-8080.

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