July 11, 2012

Win With the Right Marketing List Brokers

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” - Confucius

When it comes to your direct marketing program, are you wired with a desire to win? Or are you on auto-pilot, doing the same boring thing over and over again?  Are you satisfied with mediocrity?  Has it occurred to you that your marketing results could actually make you feel like a winner?  I’m not talking about an attitude adjustment (though this might be necessary); I’m talking about doing what it takes to truly bring in the amount of business you really want.

If you own a living, breathing business, what are you doing right now to keep it alive and thriving?  If you built your business, think back when you were in the dreaming and planning stage; was the idea of ‘just getting by’ the motivating factor in your mind?  I don’t think so!  Though you were knee-deep in all the details, your desire to win and ability to think big are what gave you the drive to set your plans into motion.  Of course things probably have not been painless and there have been challenges along the way.  Nothing comes easy, especially when it comes to building a business from the ground up!

So, what does it take to get your business from ‘average’ to ‘winning’?  Maybe you need to reach a wider audience of potential clients.  If that’s the case, you can do so by getting help from marketing list brokers, an e-mail list broker or direct mail list brokers.  If telemarketing is your primary means of advertising, maybe you need to speak with a telemarketing list broker to get higher quality, better-qualified data.  Direct marketing brokers can help you target a better qualified, more accurate set of names to bring in the results that you have been dreaming about.

Another big factor in winning is considering your competition.  Who is it?  What do they have that you don’t and vice versa?  If you are not paying attention what your rivals are up to, you are making a crucial and preventable mistake.  You may have an amazing product that your competition doesn’t, but if potential customers don’t know this, you are losing winning opportunities!

Picture your business as a car on a racetrack.  Are you an unmarked car without any sponsors?  Who are you and what do you represent?  Though you may get lucky and come in first from time to time, no one will know or remember who you are and what you represent.  This makes the actual impact of your ‘win’ less substantial than it could be.  Perhaps you need work on developing your identity as a business or a brand before you decide to get back on the marketing racetrack.
Be Prepared

Let’s pretend you’ve owned the same donut shop for over 20 years. Buying list brokers mailing lists has helped boost sales in the past, but right now it’s not necessary. Things are steady. You have kept a secure roster of loyal customers through the years.  You’ve stopped thinking about advertising and are now dreaming about retirement.  This all comes to a screeching halt after hearing news that a popular donut chain is opening up across the street from your shop.  What would you do?

Handling competition like this is a big test for any retail business owner.  For instance, this situation should force you to ask yourself, what are you doing already to set yourself apart from the upcoming competition?  Is there a particular product or service you offer that no one can match?  If so, what are you doing to accentuate this?  If you don’t have anything special, start thinking what kind of unique promotions you can pull off to bring more customers in.  Sell your service.  Perhaps sending coupons in the mail seems expensive, but that might give you a winning, competitive edge.

Have you taken a close, honest look at your business lately and what type of marketing you are or are not investing in?  You might be surprised at what little changes may be needed to put you in the winning zone!


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