July 1, 2015

6 Ways to Increase Email Lists with Social Media

Having a substantial email list is vital to any email marketing campaign. Growing your email list and list of subscribers is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in email marketing, but it is the foundation of any email marketing campaign.

Today, top marketing professionals recognize that the best way to build your lists is through a combination of different list-building tactics. One of the most important areas to target when building lists is social media.

By carefully nurturing social media followers into subscribers to your email marketing newsletter, you are creating a seamless transition for these individuals to become leads. Eventually, we’ll turn these subscribers into customers. First, let’s look at some ways to make use of your social media engagement and following to increase your email lists.


1. Facebook Sign-Up Form

If you’re engaging with your prospective customers and followers via Facebook, then incorporate a simple sign-up form on your Facebook page. This sign-up form can be an extremely powerful tool for building a solid email list.

On Facebook, you can dedicate a tab to the sign-up form, making it simple and easy for your followers to find. This sign-up form should be connected to a third-party email sign-up app, such as MailChimp, that gathers the information entered into the sign-up forms. Once the required contact and email information has been submitted, the follower’s email address will be put into a list for the email marketing campaign to utilize.


Don’t forget about your other social media platforms when trying to build your email list! Depending on your audience, you might have a supportive following on Instagram, Twitter, or even Tumblr or Pinterest.

Once you’ve determined where the most effective places for you to post are, use your social media accounts to make your casual followers more interested in what your newsletter or email campaign has to say.

Use Stories on Instagram or Facebook to post some of the pictures that your email campaign will include, and then promise viewers more pictures if they sign up for your email newsletter through a link. Whether the draw is pictures of your team’s pets or informational articles, you want to pique the interest of your followers and convert them into subscribers.

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3. Promote Lead Magnets to Get Sign-ups

Simply asking for an email address isn’t going to get the job done anymore. People want to feel like they are receiving something of value in return for their contact information.

Creating lead magnets for your business and email marketing campaign can dramatically improve the list building process. If you have a lead magnet to offer, such as a cheat sheet or a tutorial or an e-book, then getting people to provide their email addresses becomes an easier task. Offer something of value to your followers and incentivize them to sign up and provide email and contact information.


4. Publish Content that Attracts Leads

Content curation is a very important step in building a strong list of emails. This goes back to the notion that people expect something of value in return for providing their email address and contact information.

Using sign-up forms and providing your audience with a solid lead magnet, such as an ebook, only completes two parts of the equation. You must consistently publish solid content on your social media that relates to the brand’s message and attracts followers. If you are able to attract followers with convincing content that converts them into subscribers, then you can rest easy knowing the email list will grow without much oversight.


5. Create a Contest or Giveaway

One of the more engaging and effective methods of developing a strong list is to have social media contests. You can easily grow your following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with social media contests, but the main objective of these promotions should be to build a list of subscribers.

For Facebook, it’s recommended to host your contest using an app, such as Fanappz or Rafflecopter. These apps make it simple and easy to collect emails from participating contestants. By incorporating a sign-up form as entry into the contest, you can easily amass a large list of subscribers. Be sure to create an engaging contest with a desirable set of prizes for your followers.

As we mentioned earlier, building lists is not an easy task, and there’s no one way of doing it. To effectively build your email list, you must make the most out of your social media channels and employ a combination of different list-building tactics.

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